China Occupational Medicine History
Country China
Publisher Editorial Department of China Occupational Medicine
Editor-in-chief HUANG Han-lin
Abbreviation Chin Occup Med
Vernacular Journal Title 中国职业医学
ISSN 2095-2619
Start Year 1974
China Occupational Medicine is a medical academic journal directed by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China, sponsored by Chinese Preventive Medicine Association and South-China Prevention and Treatment Center for Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Diseases, and edited and published by editorial office of China Occupational Medicine. For now, the occupational disease problem is the major public health problem and social problem of the world. Occupational diseases have been breaking out around the world, especially in China. The question is mainly reflected that the total number of occupational disease patients has increased enormously with significant morbidity. The occupational disease group incidents occurred frequently with the irreversible economic loss and bad social influence. It has become a significant problem hampering social stability. The occupational disease prevention and treatment is always the bottleneck problem and difficulty of public health. Therefore, the medical journals in the field of occupational disease prevention and treatment play an important carrier on spreading relevant knowledge, and play an important role in the cause of occupational disease prevention and treatment in China and across the globe. China Occupational Medicine started its publication in 1974. It is one of the Core Journals of China and one of the Source Journals for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations, which is issued domestically and externally (ISSN 2095-2619, CN 44-1484/R). Now, there are about 15 kinds of journals reported on the field of occupational disease prevention and treatment in China. China Occupational Medicine is one of the oldest and the most influential journals with the highest core impact factor. China Occupational Medicine, which is known for its scientific, innovative and practical characteristics, focuses on scientific research reports about new results, new progress, new technology and new experience about occupational medicine, occupational health, occupational disease prevention and treatment, and related disciplines. The columns include original articles, research & practice, occupational diseases clinic, methods of inspection & test, supervision & management, discussions about criteria, reviews, lectures, experience sharing, summaries, etc. The contents include the following six aspects: I. Research articles and experience summary about influence to people’s health by hazardous factors due to occupational diseases, labor protection and safety technology, monitoring and inspection, etc; II. Survey reports about occupational epidemiology; Study and develop criteria for occupational health and diagnosis of occupational diseases, lectures, opinions and suggestions about the current criteria; III. Study on clinical diagnosis, case analysis, emergency treatments or pathology of occupational diseases; Experimental study of toxicology about the hazardous factors of occupational diseases, e.g. dusts, chemical substances, physical factors; IV. Commentary articles which is of guiding significance, summaries, special lectures and lecture series about internal and foreign literature which are of reference value; Experience of disease investigation and disease prevention related to occupations in the factories and mines; V. Experience about supervision and management about occupational health and occupational diseases; VI. Occupational Health in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, etc. The review board of China Occupational Medicine consists of more than 200 domestic and foreign senior experts of occupational health, occupational medicine and occupational disease prevention and control. They are venerable experts and scholars, occupational medical experts for World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labour Organization (ILO), disciplinary pace-setters and academic leaders with large popularity and influence. They promote Chinese occupational disease prevention and control development effectively. Among them, some experts are just like our editor in chief—Dr. Huang Hanlin, who participated in the drafting and revision work of the Law on Occupational Diseases Prevention and Treatment of the People's Republic of China, the Management Regulations for the Occupational Disease Diagnosis and Identification, the Management Regulations for the Occupational Health Examination, the Chinese Categories and Catalogs of Occupational Diseases, and the national occupational health standards. Dr. Huang Hanlin was invited to take part in providing advice of the welfare, safety, development and well being of laborer many times for WHO, ILO, the National Health and Family Planning Commission of People’s Republic of China and other organizations. Some experts are the doctoral supervisors and master supervisors of prominent universities in China and overseas. They have made outstanding achievements in the field of occupational health and occupational medicine. They are meticulous scholars with democratic work-style. They are zealous in the academic peer review job, and effectively ensuring the academic quality academic of China Occupational Medicine. With forty years of growth, China Occupational Medicine has achieved as source journals of CSTPCD, CNKI, CMCI, RCCSE, CA, and Ulrichsweb, etc. It has become the good teachers and helpful friends of professionals in China and throughout the world who are engaged in scientific research of occupational disease prevention and control, teaching, supervision management and technology service.