Journal of Pharmaceutical Practice History
Country China
Publisher Editorial Department of Journal of Pharmaceutecal Practice
Editor-in-chief 李捷玮
Vernacular Journal Title 药学实践杂志
ISSN 1006-0111
Start Year 1983
Journal of Pharmaceutical Practice is a periodical published in China every two months. It is sponsored by Naval Medical University (originally Second Military Medical University) and Professional Committee of Pharmacy Administration of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association. It is a comprehensive publication with the emphasis on the pharmaceutical practice. Since its inception in 1983, Journal of Pharmaceutical Practice has become a mentor and friend of its readers due to the novel contents, rich knowledge and practical value. With the development of modern pharmaceutical theory and practice, this magazine focuses on pharmaceutical application theory, new technology and innovative methodology. It covers popular pharmacy practice, clinical pharmacy, pharmacy management and extensive pharmaceutical researches. The main readers are pharmacists, physicians, nurses, the sales and management persons, as well as people working in drug research and development. Since 1994, every issue of this periodical has been included in the Comprehensive Evaluation Database of Chinese academic Journals. In January 2004, through the evaluation of several academic measurement indicators and expert peer review and recommendation, this journal has been included in “Chinese Sci-tech papers Statistical Source Journals” (The Core Sci-tech Journals in China), and in "Chinese Science and Technology Papers and Citation Database". In recent years, the academic influence of this magazine has increased significantly, including journal impact factor、total score of comprehensive evaluation, fund to paper ratio etc. The ranking of this journal has been consistently improved among the 2000 core science and technology journals in China. Meanwhile, Journal of Pharmaceutical Practice won numerous awards in the science and technology periodical evaluation of Chinese National Universities. In 2018, it won the excellent science and technology periodical award of the Chinese University.