Journal of Public Health and Preventive Medicine History
Country China
Editor-in-chief SUN CHANGSONG
Vernacular Journal Title 公共卫生与预防医学
ISSN 1006-2483
Start Year 1990
The journal of Public Health and Preventive Medicine was first published in 1990. It is a bimonthly publication with publication No. of ISSN 1006-2483 and CN 42-1734/R, in the face of domestic and international public issuance and published six times a year. Its competent unit is the Health Commission of Hubei province, and the journal is co-sponsored by the Hubei Preventive Medicine Association, Hubei Academy of Preventive Medicine and Hubei Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The Public Health and Preventive Medicine is a platform for communication between public health and preventive medicine workers. It promotes the development of public health and preventive medicine by introducing new technologies, new methods, new discoveries and new achievements in the field of public health and clinical diagnosis and treatment of common diseases at home and abroad. The main columns are as follow: expert forum, monographs, lectures and reviews, investigation and research, experimental research, disease prevention and clinical, monitoring, maternal and child health care, health management, health education, information and so on. The journal has a good development trend at present. It was listed as the Statistical Source Journal of Chinese Scientific and Technological Papers (China Science and Technology Core Journal) after comprehensive evaluation of academic indicators and peer review and recommendation in 2009. The Impact Factor was 1.590 in 2018, which is ladder lifting as 1.461 in 2017 and 1.399 in 2016. The core influencing factors of preventive medicine in China ranked the third place. It is an excellent journal of Hubei and the Chinese Society of Preventive Medicine.