Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine History
Country Republic of Korea
Publisher Korean Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society
Editor-in-chief Chong-Su Cho
E-mail kterms.edit@gmail.com
Abbreviation Tissue Eng Regen Med
Vernacular Journal Title
ISSN 1738-2696
EISSN 2212-5469
Start Year 2004
The journal is a publication dedicated to helping provide research-based solutions to issues related to human diseases; it is an academic journal covering a wide array of issues in polymer chemistry, natural science, engineering, molecular biology, genomics, cytology, medical science, etc., in relation to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. This journal features articles tackling a broad range of technologies, techniques, and applications related to the treatment of human diseases such as bio-material, cell therapy, formation of artificial organs, genes, etc., and regeneration of tissues or organs.