Korean Journal of Urology History
Country Republic of Korea
Publisher Korean Urological Association
Editor-in-chief Kwangsung Park
E-mail uro-edit@urology.or.kr
Abbreviation Korean J Urol
Vernacular Journal Title
ISSN 2005-6737
EISSN 2005-6745
Start Year
The Korean Journal of Urology is an international, peer reviewed, open-access, monthly publication covering clinical and basic science information relevant to physicians and researchers in the field of urology. The incidences, characteristics, and management of diseases vary according to region and race, and the Korean Journal of Urology will provide international readers accesses to Asian data on various urological diseases. Topics include genomics/stem cells in urology, urological oncology, laparoscopy/robotics, new technology/lasers in urology, endourology/urolithiasis, lower urinary tract dysfunction, female urology, sexual dysfunction/infertility, infection/inflammation, reconstruction/transplantation, geriatric urology, pediatric urology, and basic and translational research, providing readers with an up-to-date guide to international developments in urology. Special features include easy to access online video clips and illustrations of newly developed surgical techniques that can be accessed on the journal's website (http://www.kjurology.org) or by a quick response (QR) code located in the article. The Korean Journal of Urology was first published in 1960 by the Korean Urological Association as an official journal. The Korean title of the journal was the 'Taehan Pinyogikwa Hakhoe chi' (ISSN 0494-4747). The journal was renamed as the 'Korean Journal of Urology' (print ISSN 2005-6737; online ISSN 2005-6745) in February 2009 to increase its exposure to a wider international audience. The abbreviated journal name is Korean J Urol. The Korean Journal of Urology also became an official journal of the Korean Endourological Society and the Korean Society of Pediatric Urology starting from volume 55, 2014. For submission instructions, subscription, and all other information visit http://www.kjurology.org. For more information on the Korean Urological Association, please go to http://www.urology.or.kr.